6 Tips for Improving Your Association’s Website and Management Services

June 22, 2017

A strong website is a major key to keeping visitors engaged. The difference between a refreshed and clean site and one that does not seem trustworthy can determine if a visitor becomes a client. In a competitive marketplace, it is important to take note of tips that will guide you in the right direction of a stand-out website.

Think About the User Experience

You should not have a website design that requires 10 steps to get to the “Contact Us” page. Keep information as clear and concise as possible and consider different personas and technology capability levels when organizing your website. It’s also important to make the visit a quick process and navigable for any skillset. If a user is looking to subscribe, don’t hide it four tabs deep. Finally, add a call to action with obvious buttons that say, “Subscribe Now.”

Update Your Content

Don’t leave old events on your homepage. Maintain a fresh website, and give users a reason to return. Archiving is a great option if you do not want to completely delete aged content but don’t want it on your main pages. While it is still accessible, the new, important information will be in the spotlight.

Check for Errors, Then Check Again

Your association will lose credibility if your website is full of errors. This includes spelling, grammar, broken links, and incorrect information. Ask for a second pair of fresh eyes to review the website, too. It is easy for your mind to skip errors in your own work, and it is worth taking the time to double-check.

Keep Your Website Consistent

An important aspect of association management services is ensuring consistency throughout all platforms. Make sure every page of your website uses corresponding fonts, colors, and an overall theme. Different sections should not look like they were designed by different people.

Get Social

Be sure to add buttons with social media links. Adding social media options will not only increase your following on those accounts but also reduce workload for visitors trying to access them.

Go Mobile

A large portion of your website’s views will be on mobile phones or tablets. Be certain that your website appears correctly on these devices. Check for loading speed and appearance. A big obstacle companies face with mobile websites is poor design.

Dedicating time to maintaining a strong website is necessary when competing with other companies. Improve your association management services and take your brand to the next level, leaving you and your clients extremely satisfied. Fill out our form here for more information on our association services.

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