New Jersey Political Hot Topics

October 31, 2019

With less than a week until the general election day, New Jersey lawmakers are addressing key issues affecting the state. See the latest hot topics in New Jersey political news.

NJ election: Voters will decide to expand veterans property tax deduction
On this year’s ballot, New Jersey voters will notice a question about a property tax deduction for veterans. It’s up to the New Jersey voters to decide if the state’s existing $250 property tax deduction for some veterans should be extended to include those that live in retirement communities.

N.J. leaders to make another big push to legalize recreational weed. Odds are 50/50, top official says.
The push to legalize marijuana is back. The goal for Governor Murphy and his team is to get the bill passed in the Senate. According to state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, the odds are at a 50/50. Post-election day, the plan is to start convincing lawmakers to support the bill.

New Jersey bill would allow college athletes to earn endorsement money
New Jersey is now becoming a part of the national debate over whether college athletes should be allowed to earn endorsement money. The New Jersey Fair Play Act would allow collegiate athletes in New Jersey to earn compensation for use of their names, images, etc. Student athletes would also have the ability to hire professional representation, like lawyers and agents. 

Will N.J. consider banning menthol-flavored cigarettes? Murphy seems open to it.
In the wake of the push for the ban of flavored e-cigarettes, including those with menthol flavor, New Jersey may consider banning traditional menthol cigarettes as well. While most other flavored cigarettes have already been banned, menthol still remains. Before Governor Murphy can make any decision on this topic, both houses of the state Legislature will need to pass a bill. 

With a week Left, Murphy Jumps Feet First into LD21 and LD25
In the coming week, Governor Murphy may be seen campaigning up and down the state for Democratic Assembly candidates. In this article, Murphy hints he will probably be hitting the 20s. Meaning, he’ll most likely be campaigning in the legislative districts where the Democratic party needs the most help.

Don’t forget to vote on the upcoming election day! Let your voice be heard on November 5 and in the election days to come.

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