How to Find the Best Association Management Company in New Jersey

April 23, 2019

If you are looking for the best association management company in New Jersey, you should start by finding companies with a certified association executive (CAE) on staff. These individuals have the credentials CAE after their name and will offer you the highest level of service.

What makes a certified association executive different?

A person with the CAE certification has spent hundreds of hours perfecting his or her association management skills. Armed with the most current high-level knowledge on managing an association, he or she will utilize those skills to enhance the image and membership retention of your association.

Why does a CAE have the most current information?

The CAE certification must be renewed every three years. To be eligible for renewal, he or she must complete a minimum of 40 credits of association management related professional development. There is also an option to complete a minimum of 30 credits of association management development and 10 credits of qualifying leadership, authorship, or teaching. Either way, if you’re working with a CAE, you know you’re working with someone who has the highest level of knowledge in the association management field.

Who is eligible to become a CAE?

Becoming a CAE is a long-term endeavour. Prior to sitting for the exam, an individual must have five years of experience at a nonprofit organization or association management company. He or she must also have obtained a bachelor’s degree or completed an additional eight years of work experience. Then, he or she must pass the 200 multiple-choice question test in four hours or less.

The head of our association management division, Joe Simonetta, is a certified association executive, which is one of the reasons why we are the best association management company in New Jersey. Learn more about our association management services here or reach out to one of our experts here.

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