How Association Management Companies can Help You

November 25, 2019

Whether your association is all volunteers or paid staff, association management companies supplement your internal efforts to ensure current and future members get the information they need to join your association and stick around. Hiring an association management company is great for associations who are looking to grow or looking for new ways to promote their association. You can hire a company long-term or on a project basis based on what your needs are. Here are the top five reasons you should consider working with an association management company:

Increase manpower 

Regardless of what size association you work with, it always seems like there’s a never ending list of things that need to get done. Association management companies provide you with an entire staff who can help you with whatever you need. From event planning to marketing to staffing events, you’ll have more hands on deck to tackle that to-do list faster than ever before.

Save money

A common misconception is that association management companies cost too much money. However, you can often negotiate your retainer to make sure it includes all services you need. By combining all of the services provide by association management companies, you will end up saving more money in the long-run compared to outsourcing these services individually.

Gain connections

Remember, association management companies are experts in the association space. Regardless of industry, these companies have built connections for all types of resources an association may need. And because they work with associations of all sizes, they will have vendor options at different price points to accommodate your needs.

Benefit from expertise

A well-rounded association management company has experience working with a huge portfolio of different association types, so they will already have experience working with an association of your size or industry. These companies often draw upon past experiences with other associations to navigate through your specific pain points and find creative solutions.

Latest technology

The newest technology available is often too expensive for smaller associations. One of the perks of working with an association management company is they often have multiple licenses or accounts for the platforms you need to run your association. These costs, whether as part of or separate from your retainer, will be much lower than if you purchased it yourself.

While you might be hesitant about outsourcing, Public Strategies Impact has the experience to help your association function at its very best. Learn more about our association management services here.

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