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If you’re looking for assistance with government relations, public affairs, or association management, get the experts from PSI on your side.

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Crisis can strike a company at any moment, making it imperative to have a crisis management plan in place before disaster hits. By planning in advanced, you can help reduce impact and protect your company and its assets – including employees, customers, and of course, your business’s reputation and value.

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From arts and entertainment to healthcare and regulated professions, associations play a large part in their local communities. As an association, it’s important to direct legislators to fund initiatives that truly affect people in your community. Read more about the steps to acquiring budget funding for your association initiative.

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The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) released its annual analysis of New Jersey lobbying reports, reporting that NJ lobbying expenditures totaled $68.3 million in 2016, a 2.5% decline from 2015. Even with the slight decline, New Jersey’s campaign finance regulator stated that this was still the third highest total ever.

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Public Strategies Impact, a leader in government relations, public affairs, and association management services in New Jersey, has named John Holub as its new associate. He brings 23 years of experience in campaign management and issue advocacy.

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When you work for a professional association or nonprofit, there are usually a lot of tasks to juggle and not enough hours in the day. But did you know there are experts who can help take some of the tasks off your plate? Association management is an excellent way to get high-level assistance from a team of experts, and it isn’t too costly to you.

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If you’re considering PSI’s association management services, you might be thinking, “What tasks would they be able to assist with?” The best part is our team is well-versed in many different areas that will help take your association to the next level.

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