What are Government Relations?

May 23, 2018

Government relations, while similar to public affairs, does have its differences. Rather than focusing on multiple audiences, government relations focuses entirely on influencing public and government policy on a local, state, regional, national, or global scale. That means getting in front of the key government officials and decision makers to influence their decision on a particular piece of policy.

The most commonly used government relations tactics include advocacy, lobbying, and identifying allies in other organizations or government officials. By getting in front of the leaders across the state or national level, government relations experts are able to educate them on a particular issue or piece of legislation to find common ground and a satisfying resolution. Businesses frequently hire government relations firms to protect their industry from changes to certain legislation, protecting their rights and the way they operate.

How our Trenton Lobbying Firm Handles Government Relations

With decades of experience operating in Trenton as a lobbying firm, we have developed very strong relationships with the key players in state government. We couple these extensive relationships with a deep immersion into our clients and their issues. This allows us to fully understand the client goals and objectives and create unique, effective strategies. We specialize in several areas of government relations, including:

  • Legislative advocacy – our experience in this arena is unmatched by any other Trenton lobbying firm. By taking a deep-dive into our clients’ companies and the legislation they want to protect, amend, or defend, we create actionable goals and objectives. Then, we get in front of key government employees and monitor legislation progress until our clients’ receive the desired outcome.
  • IT and government procurement – more companies select us to represent them in both government and IT procurement than any other firm because we understand the nuances in both the government and private sector. We are experts in answering RFPs, finding business opportunities, and assisting with implementation of our strategies.
  • State and federal environmental issues – with several partners well-versed in environmental lobbying, we help clients understand common laws, position them favorably with key decision makers, and create strategies to most effectively resolve any issues.
  • Regulatory services – this is a space we are very familiar with, which is why we are able to find creative solutions to even the most difficult regulatory issues. We customize our services to each client, but no matter what, our multidisciplinary team provides our  expertise from start to finish.

If you or your company could benefit from government relations services by a Trenton lobbying firm, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Please reach out to us via email at info@njpsi.com or by calling 609-393-7799.

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