6 Tips to Increase Association Member Retention

June 20, 2017

When it comes to association membership, the only thing better than gaining new members is keeping your current ones. However, this task is easier said than done. With so many options available for associations in a given industry, extra work is required to make sure your members stay on board. There are multiple tips to follow to increase your chances of member retention and improve your association management skills.

Get Your Members Involved

If a subscriber is nothing more than a person who merely receives an email from your association each day, they may get bored and look for an option that offers more interaction. Whether it be through members-only events, fundraising efforts, or other methods of contribution, these opportunities help members realize their value. Understanding they are part of the bigger picture makes their investments more worthwhile.

Welcome Them from Day One

When a member subscribes to your association, they do not want to be ignored for two months. As soon as they join, send an email welcoming them to the association and brief a few key points.

Get Personal

While your first welcoming message can be automated, try to personalize further communication. Even putting the member’s name in the subject of an email.  increases the likelihood of that email being opened. Subscribers want to know they are more than a name in a spreadsheet. Let them know their value with subtle hints throughout your forms of communication.

Let Them Customize Their Experience

If your association offers phone calls as a part of the membership, some subscribers may not want them. You don’t want your membership to be a hassle. Provide a way for subscribers to choose how they are contacted by your association, offering options like frequency and platform.

Keep Subscribers Informed

Subscribers may be inclined to leave your association if they believe you do not offer a specific service. Consistently remind them what you provide because they may forget or haven’t realized it yet. Let members know about services and upcoming events to ensure they stay in the loop.

Listen to Your Members

Offer survey opportunities to current and former subscribers. Learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly. Ask surveyors to give their honest opinion of your services and take note of what needs to change.

Association management is an easier task when member retention is not a pressing issue. Following these tips is sure to aid in keeping current members and catching the eye of future ones. Fill out our form here for more information.

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