Team Member Spotlight: Roger Bodman

February 13, 2020
Roger Bodman

Roger Bodman

Roger Bodman is the founder and managing partner at Public Strategies Impact. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge in politics and government, Roger is widely respected in New Jersey. Throughout his career, Roger has been a frequent political commentator for NJTV and News 12 NJ.

Roger grew up in Bernardsville, New Jersey and graduated cum laude from Ohio University in 1974 with a degree in political science.

After graduation, Roger first got involved in New Jersey politics when he was hired as a driver for Millicent Fenwick’s campaign for Congress. He then went on to serve as district office manager for Fenwick and as chief of staff for former New Jersey Congressman James Courter. 

In 1981, Roger was selected as manager of Tom Kean’s campaign for governor. After Governor Kean’s victory, Roger was named to two cabinet posts. As the State Commissioner of Labor, he implemented extensive legislative reforms of the unemployment insurance program. At 29 years old, he was the youngest New Jersey Department of Labor Commissioner. As Commissioner, Roger was responsible for, among other things, maintaining safety standards at working places and administering unemployment insurance and vocational training programs. Later, as the State Commissioner of Transportation, he was the chief advisor to the governor on transportation matters. 

In 1987, Roger was appointed by Governor Tom Kean to chair the Study Commission on Regulatory Efficiency, where he received an Eagle Award from the Alliance for Action. Roger is also a visiting professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. He co-taught an undergraduate political campaigning course for 20 years. 

Most recently, Roger has co-chaired a super PAC to help Tom Kean, Jr. win a congressional seat in New Jersey’s 7th district. He formed the Perfect Together PAC based on Kean’s catchphrase “New Jersey and You: Perfect Together” to promote tourism in the state.

In his free time, Roger enjoys golf, boating, and restoring old vehicles. 

Learn more about Roger Bodman and the Public Strategies Impact team here.

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