4 Steps to Acquiring Budget Funding for Your Association

May 08, 2017

From arts and entertainment to healthcare and regulated professions, associations play a large part in their local communities. As an association, it’s important to direct legislators to fund initiatives that truly affect people in your community. Below are a few steps to acquiring budget funding for your association initiative.

  1. Identify and research the initiative that needs funding. Set goals and ensure you are providing a realistic timeline.
  2. Determine how much you think should be spent on that program. You should be able to justify this cost to justify your reasoning with program benefits, as well as solid economic data about how increased program funding will pay for itself and save the government money in the long run.
  3. Identify and recruit others who can benefit from this initiative. Once you have identified stakeholders, ensure you are providing them frequent updates and vital information.
  4. Recruit help from the professionals to advocate on your behalf to acquire budget funding. PSI specializes in community relations plans to solicit and acquire support by establishing relationships with stakeholders and key officials.

We also help with the acquisition of state and local permits and coordinate other results-oriented solutions across a variety of state agencies. We also have experience assisting with project presentations before town councils and scheduling community meetings to introduce new projects to community groups on behalf of our clients.

With over 30 years of experience, PSI works with a variety of clients develop public affairs strategies, where we advocate on their behalf, as well as voice their opinions to key officials. Our experienced team is made up of talented veterans of government with many years of experience in public service, as well as in the political arena. Visit us here to learn how we can help you with acquiring budget funding for your association.

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